Why Vitamin D?

Human skin does some pretty cool stuff. For one it keeps all the slimy stuff intact and protects it from the outside world. Secondly our skin plays an important role in converting the Sun's ultraviolet energy into vitamin D - a fat soluble vitamin that is critical for the health of bones and teeth and without which our skin would have a much harder job to do in holding us together. 

Due to the fact that many of us spend a large part of our time with the closest thing to sunshine we see being the glow of a mobile phone or laptop screen there are currently over 1 billion people worldwide who are vitamin D deficient and over 50% of the global population living with vitamin D insufficiency.

You can always get the sunshine vitamin from foods such as herring, liver and egg yolks but we called our brand Goodrays and it tastes way better than a cod’s liver so we think it’s a good alternative to oily fish and their organs or embryos of other animals.

The vitamin D we use in Goodrays comes from green-algae, not sheep’s wool, which is where the cheap stuff comes from, so it’s vegan and organic which we like.

As well as your bones being weaker without it, recent studies have shown an association between vitamin D deficiency and cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and depression.

Since our mission at Goodrays is to make you feel good everyday it felt like a good idea to include the sunshine vitamin in our products.

Experts recommend 10μg of vitamin D per day for adults up to a maximum of 100μg so a can of Goodrays containing 5μg is a good way to make sure you get close to your daily dose.