CBD Gummies for Sleep

Today, CBD has become one of the most popular wellness ingredients in the UK and further afield. In fact, consumers from every continent are now turning to cannabidiol for its potential health benefits, particularly for sleep and anxiety. CBD oils, capsules, and increasingly, edibles like CBD gummies are becoming a common fixture in the lives of people of all ages as they seek to improve their general health and wellness. But when it comes to using CBD for sleep, how many should you be taking?

We’re going to take a look at some of the evidence for CBD’s sleep-improving properties and offer a rough guide to how many CBD gummies you should be taking to achieve the best results. 

CBD Oils


As is the case for most things CBD, clinical evidence of the cannabinoid’s sleep-inducing potential is still in its infancy; however, the evidence that is available is promising. Studies that have focused primarily on CBD for sleep have yielded some impressive results. For example, a 2022 study assessed 29 individuals with self-reported clinical insomnia who were randomly allocated either CBD-dominant cannabis oil or a placebo. The researchers found that CBD treatment was both well tolerated and effective at improving sleep with participants experiencing an improvement in sleep quality of up to 80%.

Another study which assessed CBD alone found that treatment with cannabidiol was associated with improvements in both anxiety and sleep. Of 72 participants, 48 (66.7%) experienced an improvement in sleep after a month. Furthermore, of the 41 participants who continued treatment for a second month, over half (56.1%) again reported improvements in sleep. Participants also reported the benefits of CBD for anxiety, with 79.2% experiencing improvements after the first month of use.

Growing anecdotal evidence supports these findings, with a growing consumer base adopting CBD products specifically to help improve their sleep. A survey of CBD users in the UK found that sleep problems were the second most common reason for CBD use, behind anxiety. This included consumers who reported using CBD for improving sleep (125/387; 32.3%) and self-perceived insomnia (95/387; 24.5%). 


When it comes to dosing CBD, there isn’t an exact science to getting it right. We find that everyone is different in this regard, meaning that what may work for one person may not be effective for another. However, it is important to remember that more isn’t always more. Sure, it’s easy to think that upping your CBD dose will mean better results, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, some consumers find that a lower dose is more effective.

For this reason, we recommend starting at a low dose when aiming to identify the correct dose for you. Our range of CBD gummies comes in a strength of 25mg. This means that each single gummy will provide you with a 25mg dose of high-quality cannabidiol.


We find that many consumers are able to achieve the desired results with one CBD gummy per day; however, there is no harm whatsoever in taking two per day. As the World Health Organisation has concluded, “cannabidiol does not appear to have abuse potential or cause harm.” So, you can rest easy when using our CBD gummies, or any of our other premium quality CBD products. Still, we recommend that you don’t exceed 70mg of CBD in one day.

Many of our customers choose to take one of our CBD gummies (available in Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon & Lime, and Mango flavours) to unwind and set the mood for relaxation before bedtime. Each of our boxes of CBD gummies contains 30 units, giving you the ideal amount for between 2 weeks and 30 days. With millions of people worldwide now using CBD gummies for anxiety and to improve sleep, why not give them a go today and find out how Goodrays CBD Gummies could help you rest better at night?