Cannabis crops have been grown by humans for about 12,000 years, so CBD is not exactly new. However, for the first time in a century, cannabis tinctures and extracts are now accessible at your local convenience store or at the click of a button and CBD is used as an ingredient in mainstream products from drinks and supplements to shampoos and skin creams.

As with anything new, there are challenges to overcome and regulations to be defined, so businesses like ours need to hold ourselves to high standards and be accountable for our actions.

This page shares a little slice of the work we’re doing behind the scenes to help bring quality, safe and trusted products to market within a sometimes complex legal and compliance landscape.


There are many ways to formulate a drink… You can go to a white-label CBD producer and put a label on their product. You can mix a batch in your bathtub, bottle it yourself and hope it’s safe to drink. Or alternatively you can work with the experts...

We chose the latter. We engaged the ex-innovation team and former principal liquid developer from beverage behemoth Diageo, sourcing the best natural ingredients we could find and using best practice at every stage of the process.

It took us nearly a year to get it right and find the balance of delicious, unique natural flavour with a hint of cannabis terpenes and a safe, reliable and consistent product that we can deliver time and again.


Any new industry or product faces challenges and CBD and cannabis is no different. We need to continually educate ourselves, develop best practices, define and work within a clear regulatory framework and build an infrastructure that prioritises quality, sustainability and the end consumer above all else.

Honesty, transparency and the exposure of bad practice improves the public perception of cannabis as a whole and helps drive forward regulatory change. There is so much that this humble plant can offer and it is only by operating at the highest possible level within a meaningful and rational regulatory and legal framework that it’s potential will be fully realised.

Research has shown the potential for the crop to rejuvenate soil, store carbon and even replace petroleum based plastics, fossil fuels and unsustainable textiles. We want to play a part in this story.

It might sound a grandiose idea that GOODRAYS will play a part in all of these things but by making a difference, on a small scale, we can help grow the movement. In the words of Yvon Chouinard “To do good. You actually have to do something.”

If you’re interested in working together or would like to know more about our supply chain, get in touch at hello@goodrays.com