Ways to enjoy Goodrays

Summer is finally here in the northern hemisphere and, with it, Goodrays is arriving in bars, cafes and venues.

Goodrays CBD Drinks were designed to be enjoyed throughout the day, everyday - solo, as a mixer or as part of a cocktail. The options are numerous; a lunchtime relaxer, an afternoon functional or a post-work wind down.

Below are some suggestions for how to enjoy your new favourite drink. If you have an idea of how you'd like to try it, give it a go, and if it's good let us know!

Goodrays perfect serves

Vodka Goodrays
(above left)
A shot or two of your preferred vodka with your favourite Goodrays flavour. A perfect way to wind down and change gear at the end of the day. Add a bit of mint or rosemary to give it a little lift.

Solo over ice (above centre & above right)
Simple, delightful and very refreshing! Goodrays is served chilled, paired with citrus. A wedge of lemon or grapefruit are our favourites but if you're feeling a bit fancy try raspberries, mint, or even a slice of apple. 

Cannabis mocktail (below left)
Non-alc spirit, lemon juice, agave syrup, Goodrays Yuzu and Elderflower.
Serve in a martini or coupe glass with a garnish of Raspberry or a thin slice of apple.

The gin and chronic (below centre) 
Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, Goodrays Raspberry & Guava
Serve in a tumbler or coupe with a Raspberry.

The Goodrays cannabis spritz (below right)
Summertime is the season of the spritz. Here are two suggestions for a Goodrays cannabis spritz to get you feeling good...

Opt 1 - Gin, St Germain liqueur, Goodrays Elderflower & Yuzu
Opt 2 - Vodka, Raspberry liqueur, Goodrays Raspberry & Guava

Serve over lots of ice in a long glass or copa with a wedge of citrus and sprigs of aromatic fresh herbs.

Goodrays perfect serve