From Seed to Sip – How CBD is Extracted 
CBD is one of hundreds of compounds that can be extracted from the cannabis plant. Widely used for its medicinal and wellness properties, CBD has been shown to contribute to a better quality of life.
Preclinical studies have shown that CBD can reduce anxiety, relieve pain and inflammation as well as promoting nerve growth and increasing the efficiency of brain signalling systems.
CBD is extracted from industrial hemp grown at both indoor and outdoor farms. The seeds are carefully selected from strains which boast high levels of CBD and lower levels of the psychoactive compound, THC. Hemp is notoriously easy to grow requiring very little water and just a 120-day cycle, hence its nickname ‘weed’.
The CBD is found on the tiny hairs all over the plant, these trichomes are most prevalent on the flower, or buds of the plant. These tiny resin glands produce crystals which contain the compounds that interact with our internal cannabis system, the Endocannabinoid System.

Extraction Processes
Before we get the goodness into our delicious seltzers, the compound needs to be extracted. This can be done through a cold press extraction, CO2 extraction or liquid extraction.
Once the resin, or oil has been acquired, the CBD needs to be separated. Using a technique called chromatography, the resin is dissolved in a fluid and passed through material where the different compounds can be identified. Once separated, you are left with CBD oil which can be broken down into CBD isolate, the purest form of the compound.

Oil is dense making it difficult to dose. For that reason, it is usually combined with another oil such as coconut, palm or even olive oil, amongst others. This tincture is lab tested for confirmation of its strength and categorised, labelled and ready for consumption. These tinctures can be consumed directly.
One downside to this tincture is its taste. Oils are often bitter, and when consumed in large quantities leave behind a taste and greasy mouthfeel. For many, the taste is overbearing. This is the reason manufacturers of CBD products add CBD isolate to food and beverages for easier consumption. The isolate is much easier to combine with liquid or food than oil, due to its hydrophobic nature.

Goodrays took the refreshing, healthy offerings of a seltzer drink and combined that with the medicinal benefits of CBD. The result, a great tasting, refreshing CBD drink that reduces anxiety, improves mood and aids recovery.
Using natural flavours as well as an additional boost of vitamin D, Goodrays offers a simple, flavoursome solution to an age-old conundrum. Harnessing the power of this incredible plant in this way gives those reliant on the medicinal properties of CBD, a convenient and sparklingly refreshing way to enjoy the benefits that can easily become part of a daily routine.