Goodrays meets HUX Health

Say Hello to HUX Hydration. Your perfect partner this festival season.

This month we’ve teamed up with HUX Health, the health brand shaking up the wellness industry and helping you find your daily edge.


HUX is the nutrition brand with a difference. They looked around the nutrition category and found that so often, the supplements industry is boring, confusing, and inaccessible. They create simple, beautiful, and importantly potent products to support you from wake to sleep, allowing you to live life on your terms, just that little bit better.

Wellness can so often be synonymous with a restrictive lifestyle, filled with rules and should do’s, that’s not what HUX is about. Wellness to them is about living life on your terms, recognising that everyone is different and daily routines eb and flow. They create products to supplement your lifestyle, when so often it can feel the other way around.

CBD Oils


Packed full of essential electrolytes and minerals, HUX Hydration is the perfect way to replenish lost fluid levels and stay on your hydration a-game this festival season. These Hydration tablets come in 3 delicious flavours; Lemon & Elderflower, Ginger & Lemongrass and Watermelon, and are our new festival essential, both for the night before and the morning after…

Essentially making your water work harder, these are packed with essential minerals like potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium. They efficiently replenish electrolytes lost through sweat, ensuring you can feel your best all day and night, and they just so happen to be the perfect hangover cure too. 

Whether you're dancing to your favourite bands or basking in the sun, these tablets will keep your energy levels up, making sure you don't miss a moment of those festival vibes.


We’ve partnered up with HUX over on our Instagram to give you the chance to win 3x Hydration Triple Packs as well as 3x Goodrays 4 Flavour Mixpack - 12 Cans for you and two friends. Sign up here for your chance to win.

Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on some HUX & Goodrays so you can go into this festival season prepped and ready to go.