How Goodrays Keeps Green and Sustainable

At Goodrays, we don’t base our marketing or our corporate social responsibility on sustainability. We believe it’s a prerequisite for being in business. New brands have the flexibility and agility to do things a different way take responsibility for the planet and the people that inhabit it.

Part of the development process for Goodrays was to look for green and sustainable ways to deliver our product. Carbon emissions, waste and pollution are an unavoidable consequence of business. This rings true for every company on the planet, regardless of size or operational value. Achieving carbon zero is near impossible, so we’re working towards net-zero by working with environmentally responsible partners and planning for a circular economy, supported by our favourite plant.


Starting with the most important element of our business, the CBD. After 12 months of research, we sourced our CBD from farms across Colorado and Oregon. As a British brand, this might seem counterproductive but sourcing premium, sustainably grown CBD from the US is actually much better for the planet. In the US, our partnered farmers can grow hemp strains containing 3 times as much CBD as our European neighbours, resulting in 3 times less waste across plant materials, water, soil and our most precious resource, time.

Hemp is one of the most resilient plants on Earth. It can grow in soil deemed inhospitable to other crops, needing very little water and requiring no pesticides. The good news doesn’t stop there, as well as being resilient, the crop is versatile and can be used for manufacturing oils, fabrics, paper, biofuel, insulation and bioplastics amongst others.

Aluminium Cans

Aluminium is highly recyclable. So much so, that it’s cheaper to recycle the metal than it is to mine the ore out of the ground. Almost 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today. Add to this our compostable labels which are self adhesive, meeting the European Industrial Compostable Standard., EN13432. That’s a fully recyclable can.

100% Vegan

Our products are all 100% vegan, even down to the dose of vitamin D contained in each CBD drink, drop or gummy. The vitamin D is produced naturally by green microalgae rather than lamb’s wool and there is no animal gelatine in our CBD gummies.

All Goodrays products are also paraben and preservative free preventing bioaccumulation in the world’s streams, rivers, seas and oceans. These chemicals are known to negatively affect hormone function and heighten the risk of reproductive toxicity and breast cancer.

People Friendly

Sustainability does not stop at environmental impact. We operate as an equal opportunities employer and continually push employee management schemes to keep our staff safe, well and happy.

We’re always looking to partner with businesses, charities or institutions that promote sustainability and mental health awareness. If you think we can be of benefit to each other, please get in touch by clicking through this link.