How to dose CBD

The powerful therapeutic properties of CBD have been touted far and wide. With progressions both inside and out of the clinic, mounting evidence suggests that CBD could relieve stress and anxiety, soothe pain and inflammation, improve sleep, and reduce the symptoms of countless other health conditions – all without the intoxicating buzz of the cannabis plant’s mind-altering molecules. 

Seeing CBD on the shelves of major health and wellness stores is now the norm, but there’s not yet much guidance on how and when to take your daily dose. Are you keen to try CBD products but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place; this is your CBD dosing 101. 


One important thing to remember is there are no strict rules regarding how to take your CBD, but there are little things you can do to optimise your dose. We advise having a little think about what you want out of your daily dose. Whether it's to soothe anxiety, relieve pain, or improve sleep, the best time of day to take your CBD will be dependent on these needs. 

Some people prefer to get their dose in bright and early to feel the effects throughout the day. Others may wish to hold off until they feel they need it, perhaps to reduce stress levels at work or because they feel CBD improves their focus and productivity. 

Alternatively, some users may wish to save their dose until the evening, using it to unwind after a stressful day or to switch off before bed. Since CBD is famed for its calming properties, this option may be especially useful for those keen to get a better night’s sleep.

Avid gym-goers may also prefer to take their CBD dose after their workout. Why? Because its anti-inflammatory properties have shown to be pretty effective in reducing muscle soreness and improving sports recovery1. 

A rule of thumb for those taking other medications – after checking with your doctor, of course – is to space out your dosing throughout the day. This is because CBD has shown to have some mild drug interactions. To avoid any unwanted effects, it is therefore wise to wait at least 4 hours after taking other meds before using CBD.


Your dosing preferences may also change depending on what CBD product you use. To make things a little clearer, let’s run through three of the most popular ways to take CBD, how much CBD each product offers, and how they work in the body.


Every Goodrays CBD drink contains 30 milligrams (mg) of all-natural, Colorado-grown CBD. They’re also 100% vegan with no added sugar or nasties. Plus, we’ve packed in a daily dose of Vitamin D, which helps to keep our immune system, bone health, and blood pressure in check. 

CBD, when consumed in a liquid solution, needs to pass through the digestive system to be absorbed into the bloodstream. This takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours, so the benefits of CBD drinks aren’t felt immediately. That said, there is evidence to suggest that CBD consumed orally has longer-lasting effects than other methods2. 

This is something to keep in mind when deciding what time to kick back and enjoy your CBD drink. We think they’re suited to any point throughout the day, whether that be a refreshing addition to your packed lunch, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a relaxing evening tipple.


When you buy a pack of our mixed CBD gummies, you get 30 doses of 25 mg each. We recommend eating between 2 or 3 CBD gummies per day to really reap their health benefits.

Being another form of oral CBD, they work in a pretty similar way to CBD drinks. One top tip for gummy-lovers, though, is to take them with food. Research has shown that consuming CBD alongside a meal rich in healthy fats increases its absorption 3-fold3. That’s 3 times more bang for your buck than if you were to eat them on an empty stomach.    



CBD oil is often administered sublingually, meaning a few drops are placed and held under the tongue before swallowing. This way, the CBD bypasses the liver and digestive system, getting into the bloodstream within about 15 minutes. This speedy absorption is best for those who want fast-acting effects, perhaps for immediate pain or anxiety relief.

At Goodrays, we offer the best CBD oils in UK for both day and night, so this makes your decision about when to take your dose a lot easier. Our Night drops and Zen drops each contain 1000 mg of CBD per 30ml, so you’re getting about 30 mg per 1ml dose. We recommend taking this dose up to twice a day, depending on how much CBD you feel you need.


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