Making the most of festival season with CBD

The festival season is almost upon us once more. The days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming, and many of us are starting to think about (if we haven’t already) which festival is the one to hit this Summer. You may be thinking about dusting off your wellies, digging out your face gems and the obligatory bucket hat – but are you thinking about how CBD could help to enhance your festival experience?

Regardless of the fun and lifelong memories to be made at festivals, the preparation and even attendance is often enough to set your nerves and anxiety alight. Planning your route to the festival, deciding what to take, ensuring you don’t forget anything (especially your ticket), and familiarising yourself with the festival rules can all be daunting tasks. This got us thinking, maybe a little CBD could help.


CBD has gained a stellar reputation as an aid for stress and anxiety. While clinical evidence remains in its infancy (though the results so far are promising!) an abundance of anecdotal reports show just how many consumers are aiming to take advantage of the cannabinoid’s potential anxiety-reducing properties. In fact, a recent survey found that anxiety is the most common reason for use reported by consumers in the UK.

These potential benefits could be a fantastic tool when it comes to the chaos of festival season. Whether you prefer  CBD Oil or tasty CBD Gummies, there are tonnes of portable and discrete options available that could see you enjoying CBD before and during your festival schedule begins.


Let’s face it, festival prices are ridiculous. Fancy a hotdog and a beer? Better make that your only meal of the day if you want to stick to your budget! But the good thing about most festivals is that you are allowed to take your own food and drink with you, too. This offers another perfect opportunity to incorporate CBD into your festival season.

Whether you prefer gin, vodka, or rum (or don’t drink alcohol at all), CBD Drinks offer a great way to enjoy the benefits of CBD while sitting back with a refreshing and relaxing beverage. They are versatile and delicious, both on their own and as a mixer with your favourite tipple. So, why not kill two birds with one stone this festival season?

CBD Oils


Not all CBD products have to be eaten or drunk. In fact, the market is full of novel CBD-infused products that can set your imagination on fire. CBD topicals, in particular, have sky-rocketed in popularity over the last few years with huge brands and high-street shops all stocking their own iteration of CBD moisturisers, night creams, and even sun cream.

That’s right – you can now get CBD in your sun cream, and with the compound’s skincare credentials, why wouldn’t you? CBD is known to have impressive anti-inflammatory potential which can help to soothe your skin for a number of complaints, from dryness to – you guessed it – sunburn. So, why not kick back in the sun with style this festival season while at the same time enjoying the benefits of CBD?


If you’re sold on the pros of packing CBD into your festival bag this year, you may naturally begin to wonder one thing: Am I allowed to take CBD into a festival.

There’s no getting around it: CBD is derived from cannabis. The fact that cannabis has been prohibited in the UK (and most other countries around the world for decades) may leave some people with a worry about CBD’s legality. But don’t worry! CBD is completely legal in the UK and so, should be permitted in any festival in the country. However, we always recommend brushing up on your chosen festival’s guidelines to make sure they don’t have any objections.

So, there you have it: A guide to how CBD could help make your festival season that little bit better. If you’re stuck deciding which product to take with you on your party weekend, check out our CBD Bundles for a variety of products at great value!