The Art of Relaxation - Music to Master Mindful Meditation

The Zen master may strongly disagree with the use of music for meditation. But this is about you, not them. Whatever you need to get you to the moments of clarity and self-love meditation brings, you should allow yourself free of judgement.

The reality is that sounds play a huge part in meditation. This could be the chakra unblocking tones of a meditation bowl or the atmospheric background hums of guided meditation. There are boundaries to meditation, but they are both loose and personal to the individual.

Therefore, music to master mindful meditation will very much be a personal preference. We can, however, offer you some guidance to help you search for a soothing sound.

Rhythms Effect on the Body

Music has been proven to have relaxing effect on both body and mind. A study by Stanford University found that music with a rhythm of around 60 BPM can be greatly beneficial for relaxation.

This is due to the brain producing more alpha brainwaves which are produced when we are relaxed. Sitting at around 8-14 hertz, these brainwaves are the middle of the spectrum, when you sleep, they are lower, and active, higher.

Listening to such rhythms and frequencies was shown to help people with neurological conditions such as ADHD.

Instruments for the Mind

Certain instruments can help with stress management and relaxation as well. Stringed instruments, flutes, drums and piano, even at louder levels can help soothe the mind.

Classical music has often been associated with relaxation. With its eclectic mix of brass, woodwind and stringed instruments navigating carefully composed keys, scales and chords.

Natural sounds such as rain, thunder or the ocean have been used in music and can all help alleviate an active mind. These sounds are often used, woven into soundscapes of acoustic or woodwind instruments to create soothing and relaxing sounds.

Enjoying music in conjunction with the relaxing properties of a CBD drink can enhance your receptiveness to the sounds. Lowering your heart rate, relaxing muscles and helping you achieve a higher state of consciousness.