The Most Popular CBD Products

These days, you would be hard pushed to find someone who has never heard of CBD – and let’s face it, most people know someone who has used it or even swears by it! The growing popularity of this versatile cannabinoid has led to the manufacture of countless CBD products, ensuring that everyone and their mother is able to find a product to suit them. But with so many products available – particularly online – you might find yourself asking: what are the most popular types of CBD products in the UK right now?

Well, lucky for you, that is exactly what we’re going to be answering in this blog article. We will walk you through some of the most popular products, from CBD oils to CBD edibles, including their benefits and how to use them! 

So, let’s start with arguably the most popular product: CBD oils


For most of us, when we think of CBD, we will probably picture a CBD oil: that is, a small bottle with a dropper applicator. And this is no surprise. The vast majority of CBD brands – no matter what products they specialise in – will usually also offer a flagship CBD oil. The popularity of these products likely stems from their simplicity, convenience, and versatility. They can be stored and transported easily, administered with little difficulty and, importantly – applied in a number of ways.

Probably the most popular way of taking CBD oil is using the sublingual method. “Sublingual” literally translates to “under the tongue” and refers to the method of applying a product – you guessed it – under the tongue! 

This might sound strange to someone who is newly acquainted with the world of CBD, but applying products in this way actually makes a lot of sense. You see, in the hollow area beneath our tongue, the skin barrier is much thinner than in many other areas of our bodies. This allows active ingredients such as CBD to be delivered more quickly and more efficiently to the bloodstream. From here, they can be processed and utilised to the best effect. 

Of course, CBD oils also offer a unique versatility that means (depending on their ingredients) they can also be added to foods, drinks, and even skincare! 

CBD Oils


CBD edibles have come to the forefront of CBD consumption, offering a convenient and non-intoxicating way to enjoy cannabis wellness. 

CBD Gummies have become particularly popular over the last few years, thanks to their discretion, easy dosing, and of course, flavour. They offer easy administration (what can be easier than eating a sweet, right?) and make consistent dosing simpler than ever. However, there are some downsides to this form of CBD product. 

When taken orally, such as via foods and drinks, CBD must pass through the digestive system. This means that it is vulnerable to the metabolising function of the liver and, as a result, a significant amount of active CBD is typically filtered out before it has the chance to be effectively absorbed into your bloodstream. This is known as the first-pass effect. 

Many makers of CBD Gummies will opt to produce gummies with a relatively high CBD content to make up for this potential loss. Furthermore, despite this slight downside to edible products, their benefits appear to more than make up for this, as demonstrated by their consistent popularity among CBD consumers.


Next up, we have CBD drinks. In recent years, the CBD drinks sector has quickly grown to become one of the biggest in the CBD industry. Again, this is likely thanks to the convenience and discretion of these products, coupled with fun marketing and tasty flavours. It could be argued that CBD drinks have actually helped more than any other product to push CBD wellness into the mainstream, with many varieties now available online and even in some supermarkets (you can now find Goodrays in your local Tesco supermarket!).

Like CBD edibles, CBD drinks also have the first-pass effect to negotiate, but that hasn’t stopped their popularity from soaring here in the UK and in many other countries around the world. There is even a growing trend to substitute alcoholic beverages with tasty and refreshing CBD-infused drinks to promote calm and reduce those pesky hangovers.

So, there you have it – a brief summary of the most popular CBD products in the UK right now. Check out Goodray’s range of high-quality products to begin experiencing the world of CBD wellness today.