The best way to take CBD is a matter of personal preference but ultimately it should be led by which benefit you are focused on and how effective the delivery sytem is in meeting those needs.

At Goodrays we quite like things that taste good, have functional benefits and fit into a busy modern lifestyle. So we made our product accordingly.

Sipping a tasty, sparkling drink at home, in a bar, restaurant or at the beach seemed like a good place to consume a useful dose of Cannabidiol. In our heads you might even replace a dehydrating alcoholic tipple or a sugar laden caffeinated syrup with a Goodrays CBD infused drinks one day.

The most common way to take CBD currently is in the form of oil. It generally comes in a medicine style bottle with a dropper that allows you to place the acrid liquid under your tongue and leave it there until you can't stand the vegetal taste any longer and reach for a bucket or a sugar laden fizzy drink to wash it away.

Every can of Goodray contains as much CBD as you would get from 28 drops of a mid-strength CBD Oil - that's a lot of time spent with horrible tasting plant extract in your mouth.

If you need to get really high doses of CBD into your system using oil isn't a bad way to do it and eventually you'll get used to the awful taste - look at what happened to energy drinks!

So unless you are a professional rugby player, suffer from a chronic disorder or are just partial to ingesting foul tasting liquids (they are out there!) we suggest going with either a drink or an edible.

Gummies, sweets, candies or lollies (depending on where in the world you live) have all become convenient delivery mechanisms for CBD. They taste good, offer a convenient way to consume CBD on the go and you can share them with your friends.

For specific muscular and physical pain topical balms and creams can be effective, but CBD, by it's nature, tends to stay on the outer layers of the skin rather than crossing into the bloodstream. If you’re buying a CBD topical make sure they use a carrier agent that will allow the chemicals to get into your system effectively.

When purchasing any CBD product our advice is to ask the following questions:

How and where was it produced? How much CBD is in it? Where is the CBD from? Is the product 100% legal? Does it have a certificate of analysis you can read? Is it fairly priced?

Generally speaking the best way to take CBD is however it works for you and fits into your daily routine. If you take CBD regularly it can have an accumulative effect and offer greater benefits over time but our endocannbinoid systems are as individual as we are, so it's best to start slow and low whichever method or CBD product you go for.