Zen is probably used out of context much more than it is in.

Zen is probably used out of context much more than it is in.

That said, to achieve Zen, you would not let this bother you. The mindful state known as Zen has many benefits for those seeking a more peaceful existence. The first step is to understand the discipline.

What is Zen?

The Japanese word Zen is a translation of the Chinese word Chán, meaning quietude. Chán was derived from the Sanskrit word, dhyāna, which means meditation. So zen translates to meditation; that much was probably already obvious to you. In Korea it is known as Sŏn and in Vietnamese, Thien.

Zen meditation comes from the 7th century Chinese Tang Dynasty. It is a school of East Asian Buddhism that focuses on the self, and the awakening that can be found with inner peace.

Achieving Zen requires you to reach new heights of relaxation. Zen brings inner peace, mental clarity and a sense of mindfulness to carry with you through life.

In the West, the word Zen is used more frivolously. Often relating to quiet time, meditation or simply relaxing.

Zen meditation

As a sect of Buddhism that concerns itself with meditation, Zen is found through mastering introspection and mindfulness. Focusing on breathing, and your breath’s journey through the body, you disconnect from reality to find the pinnacle of relaxation.

This method of meditation is known as Zazen and further guidance can be found on the Zen Mountain Monastery website.

So why are we writing about Zen?

It's a reasonable question.

The current global mood and pace of modern life are factors which combine to deliver a pretty anti-zen experience. Anxiety is typically described as a feeling of apprehension or dread in situations where there is no actual real threat and for obvious reasons is at an all time high in societies across the world.

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