Goodrays response to the Food Standards Agency guidelines on daily CBD consumption.

Goodrays was founded to ensure the safest and most effective CBD products are available to the UK market. Safety of product is of paramount importance to the business and we work with the best CBD suppliers and testing labs in the world to ensure this.

We acknowledge the new guidance from the FSA which has given a recommendation that healthy adults do not consume more than 10mg CBD per day. This guidance is based on three early market CBD products, and does not cover the majority of the market leading products.

Goodrays products were not included in the FSA risk assessment process that led to this change in guidance.

Our CBD supplier has toxicology studies which show a much stronger safety profile, showing a 70mg recommended daily intake. All Goodrays products are laboratory tested to ensure safety and consistency.

We are committed to working with the FSA to further protect consumers and advance the CBD market. We encourage them to publish individual risk assessments for each CBD product, so that dosage recommendations can vary based on product safety profile. We’re confident that guidance will soon change as the FSA recognises the quality of products like Goodrays.

Most importantly there is no change to the legal status of Goodrays products and the regulators are not advising on any de-listings or product recalls. Goodrays will continue to be available to our partners, retailers and consumers and we want to thank our customers who have been so supportive and who have recognised and understood the quality and safety profile of our products.