London, UK - Mar 31, 2022 - Goodrays, producers of premium CBD drinks, CBD oils and CBD gummies has been officially added to the FSA's Public List of CBD Products, which means all its products will remain on the UK market and can be legally traded. 

The authorisation process is designed to qualify brands that meet the legal standards of a ‘novel food’, including standards on safety  and content. It also means that companies must have their  traceability and toxicology reports up to scratch.  

Goodrays products contain between 25-33mg of hemp-derived, water soluble CBD isolate per dose that has been extensively tested for all FSA compliance requirements. The team is led by experienced cannabis professionals, backed by the former principal liquid developers at Diageo, the leading global producers of water-soluble CBD isolate and the UK’s foremost legal authority on cannabis derived products. 

The Novel Food application process required the submission of comprehensive data including the chemical composition of all products and proof that it can be manufactured consistently. Extensive safety data was also included in the application to prove that Goodrays products are both stable and safe for human consumption. 

Goodrays welcomes the clarity that has been provided by the Food  Standards Agency (FSA) through the Novel Foods application process  as it offers a clear framework to protect compliant CBD companies from  enforcement and supports the development of an industry within which  the safety of consumers is paramount.  

In response to the announcement, Goodrays CEO and Founder, Eoin Keenan, added: 

“This is a milestone moment for the UK and it’s an absolute privilege to be one of the first businesses producing legal, safe and compliant cannabinoid-based products. After a number of years of uncertainty around the status of CBD products in the UK market we are delighted to be able to play our part in further developing a new and exciting category for health conscious consumers.” 

“We worked incredibly hard to deliver one of the industry’s most  comprehensive applications for CBD products. From the outset  transparency, efficacy and safety has been a number one priority for us,  so we set out a detailed experimental design that could demonstrate  how to produce safe and consistent products. Now, those 5 years of  research and 12 months of data-gathering and safety testing are being  rewarded. We hope that this will become a launchpad to grow the entire  category and help consumers gain access to the highest quality and  most effective products.” 

The addition to the Public List allows Goodrays range of products to  be sold freely without restriction under food law while the application  moves on to the next stage of the validation process. 

A novel food is defined as any food that had not been consumed  regularly by humans in the EU before 15 May 1997. Although humans  have consumed hemp/cannabis products for many years, hemp-derived  CBD is considered a new product.