The British Elderflower


Elderflower (el’duh’flaw’uh) is the blossom of the elder, an ancient hedgerow plant native to Britain. The flowers of the plant have a sweet fragrant taste with a hint of lychee.

In ancient times the elder was believed to keep evil spirits from entering the house if grown outside the door and was used medicinally to treat pain, inflammation and respiratory problems.

The appearance of the large mass of white flowers on the elder in late May is one of the first indicators of summer in the UK. Steeped in mystery and superstition, a number of powers and properties have been attributed to this once sacred plant. Among them the ability to cure headaches by ‘purging the tunicles of the brain’.

After the flowers have been pollinated by insects, each flower develops into a small, purple-black, sour berry, which ripens from late-summer to autumn. The elderberry is a favourite of foragers as they can be used as ingredient in crumbles, pies, jams and liqueurs. The latin name for the elderberry is 'sambucus' and it was one of the main ingredients in the famous Italian liqueur 'Sambuca'.

Check out this video to see a year in the life of this incredible tree.

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